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Looking for a full featured free forum host? Our experienced team has been hosting forum communities for well over a decade. Create your free forum today. Enjoy a wealth of features, generous support, effortless mobile access, and more. It's simple. It's easy. It's Yuku.


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  • Chat Rooms
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  • Hundreds of Customizable Skins
  • Drag & Drop Forum Arrangement
  • Auto and Custom Member Lists
  • Detailed Security Logs
  • Full Domain Stats
  • Members can support ad-free

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# Name Score In / Out # Name Score In / Out
1 SHIDOOBEE with StonesDoug 8601 5645 / 23379 2 The House of Shadows 6730 13822 / 26225
3 SGS 6598 6229 / 25670 4 Solaris Humanus 5614 4186 / 26377
5 Still Skin Crazy 5271 2692 / 18277 6 On A Clear Day 5265 7700 / 17608
7 LasVegas4ever 5264 3808 / 23877 8 Twilight Zone 5251 15374 / 15652
9 Dragons Cave 4890 25 / 19259 10 Joys Friendship Garden 4648 57 / 13665
11 GRAPEVINE 50\'s 4439 50 / 10756 12 The Chat Cave 4157 657 / 18457
13 OVER 50s HAVING FUN 3963 5025 / 20489 14 Yet Another Politics Board 3793 9364 / 7640
15 Brenda\'s Heart Of Gold 3681 713 / 5168 16 Incredibly Free Freebies 3589 25 / 13685
17 Poetic Constellations 3402 32 / 16329 18 THE 50\'s COMMUNITY 2848 9 / 3940
19 Ulead Unleashed 2735 76 / 9971 20 via4vistavisit 2395 639 / 10839


Ad-Free Pricing

Small Premium Forum

$6 per month

Ad Free

Up to 50,000 pageviews per month

Allow members to help support the board

No Advertisements

Large Premium Forum

$1 per 5k views

Ad Free

For boards over 50,000 page views per month

Allow members to help support the board

No Advertisements

Premium Members

$12 per year

Ad Free

No Ads on any forum

Obfuscate your online status

12 Profiles per account

5 extra signatures

100MB image hosting

An extra post editor

Sort replies within threads

Decide how many posts you'll see on pages


Q: Is Yuku really free? Will I have to pay at some point?

A: Yuku is free. You don't have to pay if you wish to use the service for free. You can, however, pay a small fee to go ad-free and enjoy some additional perks.

Q: Where do I find information about ad-free and additional perks?

A: Gold communities: , Supporter accounts:

Q: Help! I have the name of a forum behind my username, what should I do?

A: When you sign up at a Yuku forum, depending on the forum settings, you might get the forum name behind your username, to indicate where your home forum is. To avoid this, you can register at the home page here:

Q: I'm not sure yet if I want to create a forum at Yuku, is there any way I can see a demo?

A: Of course you can. Just contact our staff via to request access to a demo forum where you will be able to check out the admin controls and get a feel of what we offer.

Q: I am a roleplayer, can I have multiple profiles?

A: Most certainly! A supporter account can have up to 12 profiles. There is no need to sign in and out, we provide an easy switch option between profiles.

Q: Why would I choose a forum over a facebook group?

A: Yuku offers top-notch support 24/7. Yuku forums provide enormous flexibility when it comes to forum settings. Yuku forums can be customized to your liking. Your possibilities are endless. Make the forum you want, and give it your personal touch.

Q: Can I embed my Yuku forum into a website?

A: You can embed Yuku forums into most websites. Feel free to contact our help desk for more information.