Yuku Features

Community Features

Yuku's rich community features make your community a fun, exciting place to be online.

Photo Albums and Slideshows

Upload and share your photos. Add photos to message board posts. Create photo galleries and slide shows. Add photos to dress up your profile.

Chat and Private Messaging

Join the conversation with Yuku's chat, or send messages directly to your friends on Yuku with private messaging.

Video Embeds

Yuku makes it easy to include videos in your message board posts using the Yuku rich text editor feature.


Create polls with numerous options. Select from a number of styles.


Admins and moderators can add events and birthdays.

Points and Stickies

Give credit where it's due with Yuku "Points." See or read something you think is cool? Give it a "Kudo" so others can know about it. Find a topic you really want to highlight? As a moderator, you can slap it with a "Sticky" and pin that topic to the top of the list of post threads.

RSS Feeds

With Yuku's RSS feeds, you can always know what's going on in your communities, even when you're away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yuku Communities

Upload your images to instantly create cool slideshows!

Customize your user profile to share information about your interests with community members.