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What is Yuku?

Yuku is about communities, profiles, image hosting and blogs-all in one place. You can sign up to Yuku and create a free account. Each Yuku user account can create up to three Profiles and each account can build communities, a blog or create a gallery.

To find out more about signing up to Yuku, creating your account and starting a free community, please visit YukuHelp

Is Yuku Free?

Yes. The ad-supported version of Yuku is free to users as well as to community owners and administrators. Sign up now to create an account, build a profile, or start your own online community.

Learn about Gold Ad-Free Community subscriptions.

Learn about Yuku Supporter individual user subscriptions.

Where can I go to learn how to use Yuku?

Check out our extensive knowledgebase

What features does Yuku have?

Get the latest information on our existing and in development features in the About Yuku FAQ.

And Vote for the features you want to see developed next in Yuku and read about the features we are adding in the Feature Voter.

What browsers does Yuku support?

Yuku supports all major browsers and operating systems including Windows, Apple and Linux.

If you are using a version of IE that is older than version 6.0 we suggest you upgrade to a new version (Currently version 8.x). You can find it here: InternetExplorer 8.

If you want a reliable Yuku experience we suggest you look at using the Firefox browser which operates at web standards. You can find it here: Mozilla Firefox.